Therapy in english

Sometimes in life, it can seem more necessary than ever to get professional help to deal with the problems you may have.

Maybe the future seems unsure to you? It could also be that you feel under pressure and miss more room and space for yourself? Maybe you find it challenging living abroad and the isolation from other people and loneliness affects you?

And like many others, you might be longing for a better relationship with your partner, family or friends.

Conflicts in the relationship eat away at strength, energy and surplus.

When the most important person in your life is also the person who hurts you the most, it can be difficult to focus on what once brought you together.

The vast majority of relationships originally arose out of a desire to be together. Based on a need on the part of both parties, to feel alive, loved and valuable. But everyday life, reality and the conditions of the relationship can change, and it can become challenging to find space for yourselves and each other.

It can feel as if life has overtaken you, completely imperceptibly, and you now find yourself at the point where your problems have become unmanageable.

It can be hard to deal with a situation like this on your own.

My wish is to help and support you to get through this difficult time best possible.

I will meet you in a safe and confidential environment (in my clinic or online), where together we can find out what´s at stake for you and how you can handle your challenges in a loving and constructive way. My approach is professional and caring, because I know this is the best way I can help you.

Feel free to call or write me if you would like to hear more or you can book an appointment directly in my online booking system.